I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterwards destroyed them that believe not. Jude 5

Grace has been described as unmerited favour obtained from God. We were saved by grace when we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour (Jn 1:12; Eph. 2:8; Rom 10:9,10). Receiving the fullness of eternal life after our sojourn here on earth is however premised on our being able to continue in this grace. Many have thought that once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, eternity is guaranteed. Nothing could be further from the trust.
Below are examples of beings (human, angels and Lucifer) who once lived in grace, but fell from it in the course of time are some unfortunately, were doomed forever. We will do well to pay attention to this.

21 examples of beings fallen from grace

1. Lucifer: He was sinless and walked in the ways of God perfectly until he sinned (Ezek.28:11-17). He fell from God‘s favor and was cast out of heaven (Isa. 14:12-44; Lk.10:18). He became sinful and lustful (Jn. 8: 44) and destined to eternal hell (Mt.25: 41, Rev. 20:1- 10)

2. Holy angels: Over 1/3 of God’s holy angels rebelled with Lucifer (Rev. 12: 3; 7-12) and became destined to hell with Satan (Mt. 25:41: Isa. 24:21). Many of these committed the extra sin of fornication and are now ln hell (2 Pet. 2:4: Jude 6-7). Angels are sons of God (Gen. 6: 1-4; Job 1:6; 2: 1; 38:4-7) and yet those who sin are to be punlshed forever in hell. So sonship is no unforfeitable guarantee of heaven

3. Demons: They were also created sinless and in God’s grace and favor. That they sinned and are doomed to eternal hell is clear from their own Admission of being worthy of punishment (Mt. 8:29; Mk. 5:7; Lk. 8:28-32: Jas. 2: 9). Many of them are now in the abyss (Rev. 9).

4. Pre-adamites: According to Gen 2:1; Isa. 14:12-14, Jer 4:23-26: Ezek. 28:11-17; 2 Pet. 3: 5-8 and other scriptures, Lucifer ruled the earth before Adam end caused all the people of his kingdom to lose God’s favor and be destroyed in the flood of Gen. 1:2, 2 Pet. 3: 5-8.
Not one person, animal, city or plant were left alive (Jer. 4 : 23-26)

5. Adam and Eve: They were created in God‘s grace or favor (Gen. 1: 26-31). They fell from grace by sin and lost the eternal life they would have kept if they had not sinned (Gen. 2:17: 3:1-19: Rom. 5: 12-21: 2 Cor. 11:3). Nothing is ever said of their salvation from sin. They are not listed with faith-worthies of the OT. (Heb. 11). He was a son of God (Lk. 3: 38). Thus again. sonship is proved not to be a guarantee of eternal life. God promised to punish every angel or man who sins, regardless of sonship or relationship.

6. Adamites: Every person born of Adam was once in grace in Adam and fell from grace or favor when he did, for they were in his loins when he sinned. This is why death passed upon all men (Rom. 5: 12-21: 1 Cor. 15: 21-22: 2 Cor. 1:3). If all men fell from the same favor Adam did and are commanded to regaim grace in Christ, then it is settled that falling from grace and regaining it can happen more than once (Gal 4:19)

7. Many Israelites: Before their sin in Ex. 35, they were Born again (Dt. 32: 18: Gal: 4: 28-29), Redeemed (Ex. 15: 13: Dt. 21: 8), Sanctified (Ex. 13:31; Lev. 20: 8) converted (Ps 19:7), in grace (Ex.33 : 12-17, Ps. 84:11), had their names in the book of life (EX. 32:32-33), had the same gospel we have (Gal. 3:6-14; Heb.4:2), and other spiritual experiences. When they sinned they were cut off from God and were lost. (Ex. 32:32-33: 1 Cor. 10:1. 18; Heb. :1-4; Jude 5)

Scores of times they forsook God and were cursed (Dt.17:3; 29:26; judg.2:11-23; 3:5-14; 4.1; 5:31; 6:1; 8:28-35; 10: 6-11, 33; 12:7-13:1; 20:13; 1 Sam. 2: 12-36; 3:11-14; 1 Ki 11:1-13, 38-39: 12:25-33; 13:33-34; 14:16-61: 15:29; 16:2: 2 K1. 17:7-23; etc.)

8. Nadab and Ablhu, holy priests of God (Ex. 1936; 22:31). were cut off in sin (Lev. 10:1-20; Num. 3:4)

9. Korah, Dathan,Abiram and other holy men of God were cut off by sin and went to sheol (Nam. 16:1-3. 23-33)

10. Saul, who had a change of heart and received the Holy Spirit (1 sam. 10: 9-13, 21-24), went into spiritualism (1 Sam. 28: Lev. 19:31; 20: 6). He lost the Holy Spirit (1 Sam. 16:12-23), and died a suicide and cursed of God (1 Sam. 31:1-6: 1. Chron 10:13-14)
11. Many disciples of Jesus left Him and His grace and followed Him no more (Jn. 6:66). They for a while believed (Lk. 8: 13). They drew back to perdition (Heb.10:26-39) T receive Christ and confess him for only a moment brings the new birth. So those who believed for a while had grace to fall from. (Jn1:12, 1 Jn 5:1)

12. Judas was once saved but fell from grace. This is because he was a familiar fried of Christ, (Ps 41:9), had his name written in the book of life, was a bishop of the church of Christ (Acts 1:20), had the Holy Spirit in him (Matt 10:19-20), was ordained into the ministry by Christ, was an apostle etc, but fell by sin from ministry and apostleship(Acts 1:25). Satan only entered into Judas at the close of Christ’s ministry, proving that he was not always an agent of the devil. He therefore backslid and became a thief and a betrayer.
13 Ananias and Sapphira: were saved and of one heart and one soul with all the church (Acts 4:32-5: 1) until they agreed to lie to the Holy Ghost at which time they were killed (Acts 5:141). “Great grace was upon them all“ including Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 4:33; 5:1)

14 The Galatians who had begun in the spirit and had received the Holy Spirit (Gal 3:2-4), were soon removed from Christ and Christ (Gal 1:6; 5:4)

15. Demas, a preacher in the early Church (Col. 4: l4; Ph’m.24) went back into sin, having loved this present world (2 Tim. 4:10). If any man loves the world the love of the Father is not in him. He is lost if he does not come back to God (1 Jn.12; 1 Jn 5:1)

16 Hymenaeus and Alexander were one time in the faith , but made a shipwreck and put away faith (I Tim.1: 19-20)

17. Many others coveted money and erred from the faith (1 Tim. 6:10, 21)

18. Many young widows waxed cold towards Christ and cast off their first faith and were dammed(1Tim 5:11-13)

19 Hymenaeus and Philetus erred from the faith and overthrew the faith of others ( 1 Tim 2:17-19)

20 Apostates were once saved, but fell away and departed from the faith (Rom 1: 21:32; Heb. 6:4-9; 10:26-29; 2Pet 2: 20-22)

21 Many in the churches were once save but later theatened with destruction if they did not repent (Rev. 2:5, 10,16, 20-23: 3:3, 11, 16)

Besides the above examples of being cut off from God because of sin, the Bible abounds with plain laws, commands (about 1,050 in N.T.alone ) and warnings of punishment for those who return to sin. These make it clear that there are no unconditional promises and covenants in Scriptures.

(Adapted from the Dakes Bible)

The Chronology of Abraham’s seed

1 Abraham’s life: 175 years (Gen 25:7)

(1) 75 when left Haran (12:4)

(2) 85 when he took Hagar (16:3)

(3) 86 when Ishmael was born (16:16)

(4) 99 when God. last announced Isaac (17: 1)

(5) 99 when he was circumcised (17: 24)

(6) 100 when Isaac was born (17: 17: 21:5)

(7) 137 when Sarah died (7:17; 23:1)

2 Sarah’s life: 127 years (23: 1)

  • 90 when Isaac was born (17:17)

3 lshmae1’s life: 137 years (25:17)

  • 13 when circumcised (17:25)
  • 19 when cast out (17: 24-25; 21: 5-11)
  • 89 when buried Abraham (17: 24-25; 25: 7-8)

4 Isaac’s life: 180 years (35:28-29)

(I) 5 when weaned (15:13: 21:8: Ex. 12:40)

(2) 40 when married (25:20)

(3) 60 when Jacob and Esau born (25: 26)

(4) 75 when buried Abraham (17:17; 25: 7)

5 Esau’s length unknown

(1) 40 when married (26: 34) 933)

(2) 77 when blessing stolen (see Jacob’s timeline below)

(3) 120 when buried Isaac (25:26; 35:28)

6 Jacob’s life: 147 years: (47:28)

  • 77 when stole Esau’s Blessing, went to Haran and married* (see note below. 27:46: 28:5: 29:20-30)
  • 77 or 78 or 91 when 11 sons and 1 daughter were born within the first 14 years of marriage (29:16-30: 34).
  • 91 when Joseph was born the 14th year of marriage (30:22-34; 31:41)
  • 97 when left Haran (30:38-41)
  • 108 when Joseph Sold (37:2;47: 9)
  • 120 when buried Isaac (25: 26: 35:28)
  • 130 when went to Egypt (47:9)

7 Judah: 48 when went to Egypt.

  1. Joseph’s Life. 110 years (50:26)

(1) Born. See 6. (3) above

(2) 17 when sold into Egypt (37:2)

(3) 30 when stood before Pharaoh (41:46, 45:6)

(4) 39 when Jacob went to Egypt

(5) 56 when buried Jacob (45:6; 47

9 Levi’s life: 137 years (Ex.6:16) 28)

10 Benjamin: 30 years old when he went to Egypt with 10 sons.


*That Jacob was 77 years old at this time seems evident in a study of several passages. It is necessary to take into account the age of his Son Joseph at the time he (Jacob) went down into Egypt with his family and figure back to this time. From Gen. 41:46-54; 45: 5-9 we learn that Joseph was 30 are old ‘when he stood before Pharaoh at the beginning of 7 plenteous years. After those 7 years and 2 more years of famine when Joseph was 39, his brothers and their families and their father Jacob came down to be with him in Egypt. Jacob was then 130 years old (47: 9). This meant that Jacob was 91 years old when Joseph was born in Haran. It was then that Jacob wanted to return from Haran to his own people in Canaan but Laban persuaded him to remain 6 more years (30:25-28: 31:38-41). Since the entire stay in Haran was 20 years of which 6 were spent after Joseph’s birth, then we know that Joseph was born in the 14th year of Jacob in Haran. Counting back 14 years from his age of 91 at Joseph’s birth time we find him about 77 when he first came to Haran looking for a wife. He was perhaps 78 years old when his first son was born and 97 years old when he finally returned to Isaac and Esau after the 20 years with Laban

From the Dakes Annotated Reference Bible




Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you, depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matt. 7: 22-23.

Many in the church today have assumed that going to church every Sunday, attending church
programs, being baptized, given offering and Tithes consistently, being a church worker etc, will
guarantee them a place in heaven with God at the end of their lives. They may have answered the altar call before, may even be preachers, casting out demons and healing the sick etc. However, if they failed to consciously and effectively tackle the issue of sin and compromise, having not genuinely repented and forsaken their sins (even after conversion), and if…

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For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23
One of the major characteristics of the time we are in is the increase in sin, wickedness and iniquity 2Tim.3:1-3. This is not only happening in the world, but also in the body of Christ (the church). Many Christians are living in open sin without any form of remorse, while others engage in their sinful lifestyles in the secret. Today, there is hardly any form of sin in the world that you do not see among church goers. As you are reading this piece, you may be struggling with some form of sin, habit or attitude that does not glory God. You may have become comfortable with it because you see many people indulging in same, or you are consoling yourself that it is ‘your weakness’, or by…

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Open Heaven 6 May 2018 – by Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. Ezekiel 3:17
Read: Nehemiah 8:1-10 (KJV)
In the past two days, we have examined what causes the need for revival and the divine template God has established for obtaining revival from heaven. The question we will be considering today is this: Does the Church of the 21st century need revival? I strongly believe the answer to this question is yes. You may wonder why I believe so. When you critically look around you with the eyes of the spirit, you will observe several things that have resulted in the Church falling short of the glory of God in this modern generation.
You will also observe that it is increasingly becoming difficult to uphold biblical principles in the public arena in many nations of the world, especially in the western world. The mention of the Bible, reading of any portion of Scripture, and the observance of devotional prayers are outlawed in academic institutions at all levels, in offices, and in other public places in some nations that were previously proud to be identified as Christian nations just few years ago. The Church has consequently toned down the commandments of God and stepped down Bible doctrines in many places whenever it is opposed by the acceptable culture and popular opinion of the people. The church, including some very big denominations, has clearly departed from biblical doctrine on issues relating to salvation, mercy-killing, marriage, divorce, remarriage, abortion, homosexuality and many more issues.

As seen in today’s memory verse, in every generation, God is always seeking for watchman who will speak His mind to the people, irrespective of the circumstances, warning them against doing things that are contrary to His will. Many Christians, including prominent Christian’s leaders, have openly abdicated this responsibility in public places because of the fear of losing face. If we will please God, we must stand firm in the sound teaching of His word (Ezekiel 3:17-21). This is where the problem lies: many preachers and teachers of the word are no longer warning the Church against apostasy and wickedness because of the fear of losing “valuable” members.

Our Lord Jesus Christ sent messages of warning to the seven Churches in Asia, and we also must do the same today (Revelations 2-3). We must stand firm on genuine repentance as demanded and witnessed in Proverbs 28:13, Acts 3:19, 2nd Samuel 12:13 and Psalm 51:3-4. Note that repentance is not limited to unbelievers alone; every sincere child of God will always engage in self-examination to avoid the presence of unconfused sins in their lives (1st John 2:1-11). Finally, warring brethren must be reconciled in line with Matthew 5:21-24 and Psalm 133:1-3. As you seek God’s face for revival today, He will answer you by fire in Jesus’ Name.
Prayer Point
Father, Please help me to be a faithful watchman in this generation in Jesus’ Name.


Open Heaven Saturday May 5th 2018. By Pastor E. A. Adeboye

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2nd Chronicles 7:14

Read: Daniel 9:1-9 (KJV)
In yesterday’s devotional, we considered the signs through which the need for revival can be identified. Today, we will be reflecting on how to experience revival. In today’s memory verse, the benevolent God clearly spells out the actions that are required to bring down revival from heaven.
We must first acknowledge God’s love and His willingness to ignite the fire of revival conveyed through this verse of Scripture. The expression “My people, who are called by my name” was beautifully used by God to reveal His faithfulness and determination to identify with His children in all circumstances. Even though He hates sin, He loves His people so much that He cannot deny them, even in their fallen and backslidden state. Because He paid the ultimate price of shedding His precious Blood to purchase and redeem us from destruction, He will always stand by us, whatever it takes. All He requires of us when we err is repentance and a commitment to live holy. He is always willing to ignite His fresh fire in our hearts. What a loving Father we have!
God’s willingness to ignite the fire of revival as soon as we fulfil the necessary conditions is a wonderful blessing to His children. This makes bringing down revival easy. To complete the process of obtaining revival, those who have been chosen to be God’s people must cease from living a life of sin, turn away from their proud self-centeredness, pray to the Lord, and yield their desires in life to His word. Only then will He grant revival from heaven.

The specific phrases and words used in 2nd Chronicles 7:14, such as “humble themselves”, “pray”, “seek His face”, “turn from their wicked ways”, all clearly describe the different aspects of heartfelt repentance and prayer required to bring down revival. The Lord said He would send revival (healing their land) only after the two steps of repentance and prayer have been observed. This healing includes physical and spiritual healing, deliverance from drought and pestilence, as well as the return of captives and exiles to their rightful place of rest. Note that revival is not complete without the restoration of God’s people to their true place of fellowship and relationship with God. You can bring down revival when you engage in prayers of penitence as Daniel did in Daniel 9:4-6. Revival comes when instead of blaming God for your own errors, you admit your mistakes and wrongdoings, and express a willingness to change (Daniel 9:7-8, James 1:13-15). Revival will only come when we persist in the place of prayer, asking God for mercy. He will always honour His word and send His revival.
Prayer Point
Heavenly Father, please turn the hearts of Your children who are asleep or backslidden to genuinely seek Your face for revival in Jesus’ Name


Open Heaven – FRIDAY MAY 4TH 2018 by Pastor E.A. Adeboye.

Memorise: Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? Psalm 85:6
Read: Judges 6:1-6 (KJV)

From God’s perspective, revival is a state of restoration of spiritual interest which has suffered setback or has been abandoned by God’s people. It connotes renewal or the return to original status from a state of coma or disuse. Based on the use of this term in some portions of Scripture, it is evident that it also means to literally bring back to life from the dead (1st Kings 17:22, 2nd Kings 13:21). I therefore speak the word of authority to everything that is in a state of coma, and everything that is partially or completely dead in your life: receive complete revival by the power of resurrection in Jesus’ Name. In Revelation chapter 2 and 3, the description of the spiritual state of most of the seven churches in Asia is indicative of spiritual conditions that call for revival. May the Good Lord heal and completely revive everyone reading this that may be in a backslidden state in Jesus’ Name.

The backsliding of a Christian does not just happen in one day. Rather, it is a gradual process that involves progressive character erosion. The end result is what people see, and then they begin to ask, when did this fellow become like this? This will not be your story in Jesus’ Name. For that not to be your story, you need to be familiar with and sensitive to the conditions and circumstances that call for revival, in order to kick-start one whenever necessary. There are many overt signs that make revival necessary in a person’s life. A child of God needs revival whenever he or she begins to experience spiritual dryness. Whenever a child of God finds himself or herself in physical or spiritual servitude, as it happened to the Israelites in Judges 3:12-14, It is time for revival.

When sinful acts and wickedness such as those recorded in 2nd Timothy 3:1-5 become part of the daily lifestyle of a Christian, he or she urgently needs revival. Whenever you discover that you have lost your peace, joy and divine provision, just as it happened to the Israelites in today’s Bible reading, revival is desperately needed.

Also, whenever a child of God falls into a state of self-doubt or uncertainty and he or she begins to feel insecure, as seen in Numbers 13:26-33, this is an obvious sign that revival is needed. Revival is always preceded by sober reflection and a repentant heart, followed by earnest prayers to God for revival. Do you need revival today? Reach out to God, and He will send His fresh fire into your heart.

Prayer Point
Father, please revive a desire for righteousness and heal every form of regression in Your Church today in Jesus’ Name.